AOR-200 Autonomous Oil Reserve 2018

The AOR-200 is a DIY consumer system designed to protect any personal oil reserve. The Device is screwed easily into a standard oil barrel and once fired-up it protects the barrel (and its contents) from theft. A personal oil reserve is a necessity in the current timeframe where production of this precious liquid is under constant pressure and an oil shortage is not inconceivable.

AOR-200 Autonomous Oil Reserve 2018 AOR-200 Autonomous Oil Reserve 2018

AOR-200 Autonomous Oil Reserve 2018 AOR-200 Autonomous Oil Reserve 2018

How does the system work? Highly sensitive sensors in the protection system detect not only movement of the object itself, but also people intruding the surrounding space. The system is powered by a flame fed by oil in the reserve. This flame heats a Peltier element which then converts heat into electricity and in turn powers the sensors. While protecting itself, the reserve, is literally consuming itself. If a person is detected approaching, pure oxygen will stream into the oil barrel at a pressure of 300 bar. Since the barrel cannot take this immense pressure, it will explode; the diffusing oil and oxygen mix being alighted by the flame powering the Peltier element.

The AOR-200 can hold as much as 200 liters of oil, though up to 10 barrels can be safeguarded by the same system. However, for larger reserves, decentralizing smaller quantities of oil with individual systems would be tactfully more secure; especially in the case of system failure.

Marnix de Nijs

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