Fake me deep is an interactive installation that is equipped with AI face predicting algorithms and biometric software. Before the visitors enter the exhibition they upload a portrait and fill in an online-survey. At a checkpoint they find out how their faces change when AI algorithms combine this profiling data. What happens when the system tries to align your picture and the provided personal information, will it generate an authentic representation or an improved version of yourself or, did it a create a deep fake lookalike? The comparison process is publicly displayed creating a humoristic and at the same time confronting group experience that finds it's balance between self consciousness, embarrassment and laughter.

The work critically reflects on the growing role deep fakes, AI, profiling, self representation, biometrics and physiognomy play in our contemporary lives.


The pipeline starts with a web page where the users fill in a form and capture a portrait, both are uploaded to a server. Users either do this when ordering a ticket or on-site with their mobile phone. The web form includes profiling questions like age, gender, martial status, ethnicity, and personal questions related to the users character.

The next step happens in a standalone program that generates a face morph in our GAN; using the acquired data to alter face attributes.

Another computer does the character analyses and profiling predictions. This computer also does the face encoding, recognition and matching and, it takes care of the visualisation of the whole process. This visualisation includes the on-site camera input, the matching process, the morph, the profiling data and the systems predictions about your 'cause of death', 'criminal record', possible 'mental disorders' and 'income'.

The work was commissioned for Fake me Hard, an exhibition about the 'post-truth' society, and is now available for distribution. The site specific setup and light design will be adapted depending on the future venues.

Marnix de Nijs

Project management:
Brecht Debackere, BE

Software development:
Wouter Standaert

StyleGAN morph consulting:
Xander Steenbrugge

Web AR prototyping:
Fabien Benetou, BE

Exhibition setup:
Arnold Schalks, NL

Commissioned by:
Niet Normaal INT Foundation & Planet Art, NL

Financial support:
Mondriaan Fund, Amsterdam, NL
Stichting Droom en Daad, Rottterdam, NL

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