In this version of Ghosted Views, the user navigates through a laser-scanned reconstruction of Düsseldorf, the Ehrenhof and the location of the Next Level Festival, the NRW Forum. Various scans of the inner and outer spaces of the festival location are combined into one X-ray like universe where the user moves freely on all axes. Beginning high above the city, the user hovers over reconstructed sections of Düsseldorf's cityscape. They then end up inside the exhibition hall where they are finally catapulted back into infinity.


Standing on a control platform, the user navigates via a round headed sky-fi like pole covered with capacitive sensors; by touching the head right, left, up or down, the virtual camera shifts correspondingly. Moving through the virtual world also alters the carefully designed interactive soundscape; simultaneously these gestures influence the feedback sounds and vibrations of the platform itself.

Nowadays, it is common practice for many cities to use 3D scanning technologies to map, model and archive buildings and locations. Although primarily limited to preservation and urban planning purposes, these technical images and by-products can have considerable artistic potential. In Ghosted Views, Marnix de Nijs creates: a raw but poetic, geometrically realistic yet ghostlike and slightly disruptive architectonical environment. By subtle manipulation of sound and motion, perspective distortion and shifts in balance, this work unquestionably re-calibrates the viewer's perception of the true physical space around them.

Marnix de Nijs

NRW KULTURsekretariat, DE
V2_ LAB Rotterdam, NL

Laserscans & geodata:
Vermessungs- und Katasteramt, Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf

Sound design:
Boris Debackere, Brussels, BE

Software development:
Indago, Pawel Homenko, Plewiska, PL

Hardware programming and electronics:
Yoana Buzova & Javier Lloret, Rotterdam, NL

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