This page displays a full list with short descriptions of works, project proposals and commissioned works that goes back till 1995...


2020-2021 'Pivot Point - Ichihara'
An interactive site-specific installation that is commissioned by the 'Boso-Satoyama Art Festival ICHIHARA ART x MIX in Japan.

2020 'Lost Dimension'
An immersive cinematic experience in which participants journey through an endlessly unfolding virtual cityscape that expands over all axes.

2019 'Terracleanse'
Standing in front of a large projection screen, armed with a wireless vacuum cleaner, the user begins with choosing his or her most unfavorable street, neighborhood, city or conflict area. They can then explore and decide which parts of the projected reconstructions should be vacuumed.

2018 'AOR-200 Autonomous Oil Reserve'
A DIY consumer system designed to protect any personal oil reserve.

2018 'Ghosted Views Dusseldorf'
An installation where the user navigates through a laser-scanned reconstruction of Düsseldorf, the Ehrenhof and the location of the Next Level Festival, the NRW Forum.

2017 Decapitated Tv Buddha'
Having fun with old electronic parts

Decapitated Tv Buddha

2017 'Ghosted Views'
A virtual reconstruction that blurs the borders between the interior and exterior of the exhibition space, the building and the surrounding blocks; the cityscape gradually changes into an imaginary constructed space that expands in all three axis.

2015 'Scan Sweep Swipe Wipe'
A project that investigates the artistic qualities of volumetric imagery; not generating a realistic three-dimensionality that represents reality as we know it, but finding a method to create imagery that can be described as dynamic sculpting with video.

2015 'Peripheral Trajectory'
A work that completely absorbs you and gives you an intense full-body experience of pure motion by projecting images in your peripheral field of vision; straight ahead, in the central field of vision, all is dark.

2014 'Rectilinear Displacement'
A 3D exploration of the cinematographic concept 'the forward travel' or 'the forward traveling-shot'. The work reverse engineers this typical cinematographic travel by not presenting the output of a moving camera but by putting the viewer inside the 3D-camera itself.

2012-2013 'Exploded Views 2.0'
An interactive installation where the visitor physically navigates through an audio-visual city landscape built up from 'point clouds'. These 'point clouds' are generated from online web 2.0 photo collections like those found in Flickr.

2012 'Next Level'
Sitting in a rotating chair the user is immersed in a 360 degree video landscape. Starting inside the exhibition space the user hovers through the various floors of the famous Philips building and ends up hight above the STRP-S district.

2011 'Bubble Scape'
A special version of the 360 degree video installation for the Cinekid festival.

bubble scape

2011 '15 Minutes of Biometric'
A circular track is fitted with a camera crane mounted with an independently operated camera. The camera lens imposes on public space, seeking out and scanning the visitor's facial features. Rather than identifying a person, the biometric video analysis software compares their characteristics with a preselected data base of "celebrity" faces.

2010-2011 'Mirror_Piece'
Equipped with biometric video analyzing software, the installation scans facial features and characteristics of anyone looking into its mirror and compares them to those of more than 250 preselected people in a database.

2008-2009 'Physiognomic Scrutinizer'
Equipped with biometric video analyzing software, the installation detects and scrutinizes the faces of the people wishing to pass through the gate and enter the exhibition comparing them to those of more than 250 preselected people in a database.

2009 Project proposal 'Avison Live'
Proposal for a virtual walk through Newcastle: while walking over the floor plan of Newcastle, the visitors will trigger fragments from a deconstructed composition of 1700's composer Charles Avison these fragments are subsequently placed in a 3-D space, hence dynamically recombining them into a new contemporary composition.

2009 Project proposal 'The End of Three-Dimensional Truth'
Project proposal for a site specific Immersive 360 degree 3-D pixel centrifuge. A rotating projector has already been envisioned at the original cadastral centre of the Dutch coordinate scheme: located in the heart of the “Onze Lieve Vrouwe Toren” in Amersfoort. Here, a projector casts 3-D point clouds on the inside walls of the tower. The development of the image is a dynamic movement from the inside of the tower to the inner city wall and on to the second city wall with the 3-D pixels finally resting in endless space.

2008 'Exploded Views _ Remapping Firenze'
An immersive walk through Florence. The 3-D images are set rolling by the physical effort undergone by the viewer, revealing an imaginary and “poetic” Florence where true architectural shots explode into an infinity of pixels. While the visual world represented concentrates on the concept of emptiness; on the total absence of any human imprint; and on the sheer beauty of space, the acoustic element takes on a new dimension with a store of sounds registered in the city.

2008 'Better then Reality'
An augmented reality workshop given at V2_lab with artists Jonas Hielscher and Boris Debackere

Better the Reality

2007 'Exercise in Immersion 4'
An ongoing research project for an immersive art-game played in an existing physical space. The players wear a specially designed headset-display and a crash-suit. The more the players move, the more the existing space is visually taken over by an unknown virtual world.

2007 'Schets_opdracht MFA'
A design sketch for an interactive robot arm in a transitional space in the multifunctional public building: MFA in Maastricht NL. The robot scans the diverse levels of the stairwell area and by means of face recognition software builds a data-base of the users of the MFA. The arm reacts and makes contact with these occupants through movement, sound and image and becomes excited and happy when it recognises them. In this way, the installation offers the occupants a point of recognition in the MFA in the vein of dynamics and movement in a transit-space.

schets opdracht MFA schets opdracht MFA

2006 'Schets_opdracht Las Palmas'
A proposal for a bill-board sized "flat-bed" scanner on the facade of the cultural meeting place Las Palmas in Rotterdam NL. The optical array moves along the building’s frontage and visualises the activities that take place behind the facade in realtime.

2006 'Beijing Accelerator'
An interactive experience where the physical body and visual perception is subjected to extreme rotational movement.

2005 RMR business card
Sticker tattoo RMR business card; Graphic design by Norbert Bos, Rotterdam

rmr business card

2004 ‘RunMotherfucker Run'
An interactive installation whereby anyone in good physical condition may try his or her luck in a virtual city projected on an enormous 8 x 4 metre screen. The distance you run on the conveyor belt is the same distance you will cover in the imaginary world in front of you. A self determined progression in an atmosphere somewhere between a thriller chase and urban horror.

2004 'AutonomousOil Reserve'
An autonomous reserve of oil intended for exclusive use in non commercial or non political projects such as art or science. In order to protect this commodity it is equipped with a self destruction mechanism that will blow up the reserve if somebody tries to steal or obstruct it.

autonomous oil reserve

2002 ‘Push/Pull’
Not only by communicating with each other directly but also through the two large hovercraft objects each player in this game has their ‘own’ playing field with their ‘own’ interactive craft. The movements of one will be controllably copied by the other and vice versa, creating an almost Tai Chi like confrontation at a distance.

2002 ‘Cross-Connected’
Two separated air beds that are connected with large hoses that enable the users to feel each others movements from a distance.

cross connected

2001 ‘Machine Winks’
A dance performance between dancer and a sensor equipped mechanical partner. The movements and sound of this interactive object were manipulated by exploring the space around it and by direct physical contact through human interaction.

machine winks machina winks

2001 ‘Cross-Control’
The public is invited to take part in an individual two man boat race. Cross-Control’s central issue investigates the physical perception and the control element in the relationship between man and machine and visa versa.\

2001 'Mobile Spatial'
A custom build trailer for interventions in public space with Spatial Sounds

mobeil spatial mobile spatial

2001 ‘Super Eva’
Interactive mechanical dance partner used both in a performance setting as well as in an stand alone installation.

2001 ‘Intervention with four pneumatic cylinders’
Destruction of the remnants of an exhibition with sound pneumatics using speakers.

intervention pneu

2000 ‘SpatialSounds 100db at 100km/h’
A game of attraction and repulsion between machine and visitor whereby a speaker attached to a rotating arm builds a physical and tangible bond with human element. The sounds and movements experienced entice the public to move through the space and interact and explore the object.

2000 ‘Reality Sucks’
A site-specific telescope that manipulates reality.

reality sucks

2000 'Intervention Mit Drei Hunden'
An expressive interaction between three dogs making comment on a debate over the changing position of art within Europe. Three pure-bred German Shepherds were chained at three different locations in the space. These locations were their territory to protect during the debate.

hunde hunde

1999 'Panoramic Acceleration'
Panoramic Acceleration is an interactive experience where the physical body and visual perception are subjected to extreme rotational movement. While sitting in a racing seat on a motorized revolving arm the user focuses on a panoramic video that rotates simultaneously with him. Within this over-exaggerated dynamic full body experience the user can reach a precarious balance that can be described as 'standstill within motion'.

panoramic acceleration

1999 'Inflatable'
Knocking out the wall of a concert hall with air-cushions.

Photo by Cees van Vliet, Den Haag

1998 'Local Penetration'
While watching footage of locals having their portrait rights violated by the artist, a laser beam incessantly hounds you to the point of discomfort.

Local Penetration

1998 'The CTL-experiments'
Interactive experiments with extreme rotational movement forced upon the physical and visual perception.

ctl experiments

1998 'Open Head'
Experience installation that seeks to explore the possibility of influencing our visual perception of speed. At exactly what price and what length will we go to in order to perceive an image?

1998 'Bob Lee'
Intrusively invading the public domain with audio-visuals of the stalker Bob Lee.

Bob Lee

1998 'Bullet Proof Lingerie'
National Institute of Justice Level 3: magnum 9mm point blank range protective lingerie.

bullet proof lingerie

1997 'Time to Kill'
Video / photo-installation and book depicting self-portraits and neighbour-peeping pictures side by side.

time to kill

1997 'Bullet Proof Tent'
National Institute of Justice Level 1: protective camping-gear.

bullet proof tent

1997 'The Sound Of Neighbours'
Audio-CD recordings of neighbours.

sound of neighbours

1995/1996 'The Trill-machine'
A machine that sets an entire building in motion through vibrations. Use of this device will consequently result in the ultimate destruction of the building.

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